Broadcasting in Moscow since March 1994, Rakurs Radio follows traditions of the legendary SNC Radio. Moscow's Rakurs Radio is first and most popular non-state radio station. Broadcast hours are: from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Broadcasting on the FM dial also being planned. The capacity of RR's transmitter is 40 kW, which ensures clear reception of broadcasts practically all around Moscow and surrounding areas, as well as regions of Tver, Belorussia, Udmurtia and some others. 
    According to  independent polls, the number of Radio Rakurs listeners is around 80 thousand people, which is the highest rate in Moscow for AM only radio station.  

    The station's  trademarks are the cultural and music broadcasts. On the RR you can hear Russian rock, Western  rock oldies, programs about ethnic (Celtic, Indian) and experimental music, jazz, classical music and other musical trends, that may not be heared on  Moscow's other commercial  radio stations. The format of the Rakurs Radio can be identified as Rock Talk Public Radio.  

    Radio Rakurs special features are presented by Moscow's famous musicians, journalists and music collectors. Rakurs Radio's broadcasts have recieved favourable mentions in national mass-media.  

    RADIO RAKURS Special Programs On Celtic Music And Culture: Mhalairtain and Celtic Time

    Mhalairtain (old Gaelic word  "changeling") - Music and Epos, has been broadcasted since 27 May, 1994. Celtic Time - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow was added on a  weekly basis the 26th of August, 1994.  While Mhalairtain covers  the history and mythology of the Celts, Celtic Time is devoted to Celtic music. The programs like these are  new for Russia.  Broadcasted on regular basis (weekly), they provide systematic information on lifestyles and traditions of Celts.  

    Guests of these programs include  popular Russian and foreign musicians. Some of the well-known guests were Germany music band Lionheart (project of Michael Wolter of ARCís Pied Pipers) and Russian rock legend Boris Grebenshikov, who employs Celtic elements in his music, Irish famous filmmaker Bob Queen and Russian Celtic bands like Slua Si, Si Mhor and Puck'n'piper 

    Mharlatain and Celtic Time are successfully sponsored Moscow St.Patrick Parade and a number of  special shows in Moscow's clubs and Irish pubs ('Rosie O'Grady's', 'Sally O'Brien's', 'Shamrock'). The biggest one was the celebration of St.Patrick's Day (the party called "St. Patrick was a gentleman") in March of 1996, which took place in one of the night clubs in Moscow.  

    Both Celtic programs on Rakurs Radio were organized and supported by  the Russian Celtic Society.  

    For further information contact Michael Gladkov (society@atlantik-club.ru 

    Radio Rakurs on Web http://www.rakurs.ru