Moscow Revue 


 Nightlife Revue
This month, forget about Western visitors - Moscow is set to see a range of musical events which should be every bit as important as the arrival of dinosaurs like Nazareth, or the beginning of Sting's "Mercury Falling" world tour. Alexander Kushnir looks ahead.
 Sprint Rock: Cabaret, Irish, Rock & New Wave
Sidhes, Telenn Gwad  
15 March, Pilot  

The recently-founded Russian Celtic Society marks upcoming St. Patrick's Day with a concert of groups who are propagandising the riches of Celtic culture in Moscow. As well as original compositions, performed complete with whistles, Scottish bagpipes, violins, accordions and a rhythm section, these two groups play covers of hits by the Dubliners, Chieftains and Pogues. It's an original sound for Russia - one which we can only hope will prosper on this very foreign soil... 

N 22, 10 - 31 MARCH, 1996