Arms of Russian Celtic Society
    The Russian Celtic Society emerged in the begining of 1996 as an independent public organization aimed to satisfy the growing interest of Russians in the Celtic culture. The growth of such interest can be proved by the fact that Celtic Folklore has become an independent musical trend in Russia. Those interested in Celtic culture suddenly discovered a certain similarity in a way that Celts perceived the world and in the way it was perceived here. This similarity is just as amazing as well as it is hard to explain. 

    There are student societies studying Celtic culture and languages in certain Moscow colleges (Moscow State University (Department of Philology), Moscow State Institute For Historical Revues). Their shedules include classes of ancient Gaelic and Irish Gaelic taught by Moscow State University professors and members of Russian Celtic Society, and public lectures about Celtic history and culture.  

    At present in Moscow there are more than 5 professional bands playing diverse styles of Celtic music from traditional to rock. Also there are art workshops which use Celtic motives in painting, books and fashion design, and for 3 years already Moscow's Rakurs Radio has been presenting programs on Celtic music and culture. 

    The Russian Celtic Society was founded to unite and coordinate activities of all 
    mentioned above. It has already organized a number of activities supported by scientists, musicians, artists and journalists. In our particular plans are selected lectures on history of Ireland, competition of scientific work on celtology and organization of art exhibitions and cultural programs of Russian Celtology Congress. Especially we would like to mention a St. Patrick Day Party"St. Patrick was a gentleman" in the popular Pilot Club in Moscow in Mach, 1996. This performance was organized by Russian Celtic Society. The gig recieved great press, radio and TV reviews. 

    Generelly, the goal of the Russian Celtic Society is to help Russians discover the history, culture,  and music of the ancient and ever young Celts. Concerts, festivals, radio programs, lectures on Gaelic history, culture and language held by Russian Celtic Society are aimed to attract the attention of as many people as possible. That's why the Russian Celtic Society is opened  to everyone, regardless of their age, education, beliefs. 
    Contact with Michael Gladkov mail to atlantik-club.ru (society@atlantik-club.ru)